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Do you recognize yourself in these situations ?

• Your team performs several time-consuming manual tasks in Excel. You would like your processes to operate more rapidly and smoothly.

• Creating your reports is a cumbersome task. Your reports do not display all the information you need. Even information quality is at risk. You would like report creation to become a quick and easy task, while the information remains relevant and reliable.

• Too much low value-added tasks restrain your employees to operate to their full potential. You would like to free up time so they could finally devote more efforts to tasks and projects with higher value-added for your company.

Our Services

Regardless of which computing system a company relies on, it is quite common that far too much tasks are executed “by hand” in Excel, allowing its set of drawbacks.

Sometimes, improving the system itself might be an option, but it may not always represent the most optimal choice.

Furthermore, companies’ needs are very often specific and may not fully be met by a standard solution.

That is why we offer an efficient, profitable and sustainable alternative solution to meet your needs. With our accounting and operational expertise, combined with Excel programming (VBA macros), we create customized tools directly in Excel:

• analysis and decision-making support models
• flexible and dynamic dashboards
• tools allowing the automation of tasks.

Our intervention rapidly allows you to:

• create considerable net savings
• gain time and enhance efficiency
• increase information quality
• strengthen internal controls
• enjoy a better quality work life.

Examples of Projects Carried Out

Budgetary and Reporting Process: tool allowing to automatically convert a trial balance to the actual versus budget comparative reports presented according to the client’s business rules.

Accounting Process: tool allowing to automatically allocate interdivisional expenses and revenues according to client’s allocation rules and creating accounting entries.

Payable (AP) and Receivable (AR) Processes: tools allowing to automatically convert data extracts to accounting entries, creating “what if” scenarios, management reports and eliminating several zero added value tasks.

Procurement Process: tool allowing to automatically create a purchase list of necessary items for the assembly of sub-components and finished products, while maintaining a tracking use of each item.

Human Resources and Payroll: tool allowing to automatically convert data extracts from an HR system to personalized reports used by managers for internal follow-up.

Video presentations available in Porfolio section.

Practical Customized Excel Training

We offer as well practical customized Excel training based on the actual tasks of your employees and not theoretical situations. Consequently, the training helps immediately improve your processes, also allowing your employees to reuse the new acquired skills in similar situations.